During the unprecedented events of the COVID-19 public health emergency, CHRIS 180 is working hard to continue providing our desperately needed services and to ensure that we are not only helping people, we are working to keep each other and those we serve safe.


What we’re doing | How we’re staying safe

How you can help

What we’re doing

  • Our counseling services are available during this time of high anxiety. If you need counseling, view this list to find locations and offices near you and call or email for telehealth or walk-in services.
  • CHRIS 180 is keeping the Atlanta Police Foundation’s At-Promise Center on the Westside open. We are offering counseling and programming for youth. And, every weekday, from 11:00 A.M. to 2 P.M., we are providing food for the community at the At-Promise Center, located at 740 Cameron M. Alexander Boulevard in Atlanta. If you are a senior and need food delivered please call 404-346-2693.
  • CHRIS 180 is also doing meal distribution on the Southside and Eastside of Atlanta to residents in need. South Atlanta (NPU-V): Pick-up and delivery is available each Tuesday and Friday, if you make your reservation by noon on Monday and Thursday. Call (470) 218-7037 to sign up for help. East Atlanta: Pick-up and delivery is available each Tuesday and Friday, if you make your reservation by noon on Monday and Thursday. Call (404) 451-6454 to sign up for help.
  • We are now managing a new resource program, Westside Connect, that has a helpline residents can call to get connected to 10 different partners.  Services and resources include: COVID-19 testing,  food, housing, counseling, primary health, emergency assistance, legal assistance, employment services and financial counseling. For assistance, call (404) 430- 8180.
  • Our community health workers are visiting clients in their homes and delivering medications and food. Call 404-481-5790 if you need assistance.
  • If you are experiencing a housing crisis such as homelessness, eviction, need for rental assistance, or need move-in cost assistance, call our office of Outreach and Community Housing at 470-451-7598. Leave a message and you will receive a call back.
  • Our school-based services are being provided through telecounseling and we are checking in on our children and families.
  • Our homes for children in foster care, our Drop-In Center for homeless youth and our apartments for homeless youth are providing essential services. Call 404-564-5199 if you need assistance.
  • Thursdays at 12:30 P.M., we are hosting weekly live sessions on Facebook and Instagram, so you can pose questions to experts in the behavioral health field. Previous sessions have covered Bringing Structure to an Unstructured Time,  Prioritizing Mental Health in an Uncertain Time,  Teaching Social-Emotional Learning at Home and Staying Connected While Social Distancing.  To watch additional Lunchtime Live sessions, visit our YouTube page.

How we’re staying safe

  • Teleworking has been implemented in every program and department where possible. Staff in essential programs that help youth are rotating shifts to accommodate remote work. Whenever possible, we are utilizing telehealth and other virtual appointments for counseling and community support.
  • Screening procedures for COVID-19 and other infectious illnesses have been implemented for any services and/or meetings that must be held in person.
  • Our sites are disinfected by the cleaning crew and wipes and hand sanitizers are distributed throughout our sites, including our Drop-In Center, homes and apartments.
  • We are supporting our community through education about proper hand-washing and social distancing for foster youth in our homes and for homeless young adults in our apartments, as well for homeless and at-risk youth at our Drop-in Center and for youth at the At-Promise Center.

How you can help

  • Give A Monetary Donation

    • We are feeding more people than ever before through direct meals and groceries. We are delivering medications and conducting health checks. We are helping youth and families with children with housing.  Co-pays for counseling are waived. Counselors that used to see children for sessions in schools now reach out to children in their homes, especially when families do not have the internet access needed for telehealth. We need your support to reach them now more than ever.

  • Create A COVID-19 Fundraiser

    • Start an online fundraiser
    • If you have never tried a virtual fundraiser before, there could not be a more important time! Many people are craving the opportunity to give back during this moment. It just takes a few minutes to get started.

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