ELN Membership

What does being an ELN member involve?

  • Participate in The Final Round virtual event (March 27 – April 11, 2021)
  • Serve on a planning committee for The Final Round
  • Raise a minimum of $500 in sponsorships, peer-to-peer fundraising or donation


What does an ELN membership year look like?

Member meetings will be held regularly to plan for our annual fundraiser, The Final Round. In addition to our special volunteer opportunities for members and other social events, meetings are a great way to give back to the community, network and socialize. We ask members to serve on a planning committee throughout the year and collaborate with other members to find and solicit sponsorships and spread the word about The Final Round. Members also receive invitations to special CHRIS 180 events for important stakeholders.


For more information about joining the Emerging Leaders Network, please contact Morgan Turner at morgan.turner@CHRIS180.org or Norma V. Nyhoff at norma.nyhoff@CHRIS180.org.


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