Mission and Overview

What is the Emerging Leaders Network?

The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) brings together community-minded emerging leaders who raise funds and advocate for CHRIS 180’s youth homelessness initiatives. ELN members join together to raise money for CHRIS 180, meet other young professionals, and give back to their community.


Each year, ELN puts on The Final Round – a viewing party during the final round of the Masters Tournament. All proceeds benefit CHRIS 180’s homeless youth programs, which helps connect homeless youth and young adults with safe housing, counseling, educational and career supports while teaching them real-world skills that will help them transition into healthy, self-sufficient adults. The Emerging Leaders Network has raised over $115,000 towards these programs since 2016.


For more information about joining the Emerging Leaders Network, please contact Morgan Turner at morgan.turner@chris180.org or Norma V. Nyhoff at norma.nyhoff@chris180.org.

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