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The White Party is an annual cocktail party and silent auction to celebrate diversity. It is held at the marvelous Mason Fine Art. More than 300  people attend and reaffirm their commitment to help and serve LGBTQ and all youth of Atlanta who suffer from trauma and neglect.  Our vision is to improve the community by providing children, adults, and families with high-quality, trauma informed behavioral health services and support systems. This matters because everyone deserves to be a part of a safe, vibrant community.

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Did you know?

  • 1 of every 5 homeless youth identify as LGBTQ.
  • LGBTQ youth report double the rates of sexual abuse before age 12.
  • LGBTQ youth are at greater risk for substance abuse, mental and physical health problems.
  • As many as 13% of youth in detention facilities identify as LGBTQ.



LGBTQ youth who make up this population have an extra burden to bear, especially during adolescence. They have experienced rejection, isolation, harassment, bias, discrimination and abuse, due to their sexual orientation. Often they go through multiple foster home placements, growing into adulthood never having known a place to call home.


Working with state agencies for foster care, schools and the juvenile justice system, we identify and reach out to LGBTQ youth in need – whether in foster care, homeless, or in a family in crisis. We provide safe housing, mental health services and counseling, life skills training and adoption services with the knowledge that every child can reach his or her potential if given a chance, and that every child deserves the chance.


Save the Date for The White Party 2018: Saturday, June 9th!

White Party Sponsorship Packet
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