Zach’s Poem

I am From

I’m from poverty.

I am from a place where no one cared.

I’m from a 5-year-old boy,

Who had no family.

I am from a boy who had no place to call home.

I’m from a childhood who no one cared about.

I am from a lost and lonely past.

I am from dark and depressing thoughts.

I am the kid that had suicidal thoughts.

I am a boy who gave up home of finding a family,

Who gave up on living,

To see the next day.

I am the boy who everyone told it was my fault,

That I was taken away from my family.

I am the child who needed love and comfort,

That no one gave.

I am the kid that needed to be shown,

How to be a proper Gentleman.

A kid that was a nobody.

A boy who was born with nothing.

A childhood,

That no one can relate to.

The kid who had nothing but bad memories.

I am that child whom two parents wanted to take in,

When no one else did.

I am that child who found a new purpose in life,

When he had none.

I am from two dads that showed me love for the first time.

I am that boy who get everything that he dreamed of in a family.

I am from a child who chose to live,

Instead of laying down and giving up.

I am from a family who taught me the motto,

“We don’t judge.”

I am the guy who got adopted,

When everyone else said, “I am UNADOPTABLE.

I am a child who is still fighting, to right the wrongs

That no child should go through like I did.

I am loved by two dads that went through hell and back for me.

I am Zach Milner, the boy who chose not to go around roadblocks

But to destroy them,

So they couldn’t pop up again.

I am Zach Milner, and this is my childhood.

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