Foster Fathers Make A Change

Foster fathers

Foster Fathers Make A Change

“Before becoming a foster parent, I never really had to care for anyone but myself. Being a foster dad and being responsible for another human being has humbled me a lot. It made me realize that there are things in this world that are so much bigger than me. It has changed both me and my partner for the better,” shared Larry, who fosters with his partner David through CHRIS 180’s Gateway to Adoption program.

Foster parents who provide a loving, secure and stable home can help children in foster care heal from past trauma and improve their coping mechanisms, communication and relationships. As their foster families model healthy relationships and behaviors, children grow healthier and more confident at home, in school and with their peers.

After a year of caring for three brothers who were once separated and living in different foster homes, David and Larry are proud that the boys have not only improved their grades and behavior, but also successfully reunited with their mother.

“Letting the boys go was hard but knowing that they are out of the system and have an opportunity to be with their mom makes it all worth it. Fostering is a way to give back to our community,” said David. “Children are the future, so we have to invest in these kids to make a better tomorrow.”

“Just being there and caring makes a difference,” Larry adds. “We can give back so much and do our part for children who just want to be fed, to go to school, to fit in with other children.”

We are so appreciative for David and Larry’s big hearts—and their commitment to helping children in foster care, especially siblings separated in the system.

Over 11,000 youth are in foster care in Georgia. The need for loving foster homes is great, but many would-be foster parents worry they might not be eligible. Contrary to widespread public perception, fostering isn’t limited to women or married couples. Foster parents can be men, women, nonbinary or gender non-conforming. They can be single, married or in a committed relationship. They can be heterosexual or members of the LGBTQ+ community. If you can offer a loving, stable home and have a heart for children, fostering may just be for you!

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Norma Nyhoff is CHRIS 180’s Annual Giving and Stewardship Manager and a frequent contributor to the CHRIS 180 blog.

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