The HERO Project: Helping Restore families impacted by Opioids


The opioid epidemic has taken a devastating toll on children.  Approximately 8 million children under the age of 18 are living with at least one adult who has a Substance Use Disorder (SUD).  Most of these children affected are under the age of five. Opioid misuse can have negative effects on both the user, and on that person’s entire family system. These effects can have long-term impact for the children, parents and caregivers, and it is essential that the health and well-being of children are a primary focus in addressing the opioid epidemic.

Risk Factors of Addiction on Families

  • Increased risk for ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences)
  • Involvement with the child welfare system
  • Loss or separation due to treatment, incarceration, overdose and/or death of a caregiver
  • Delayed development of healthy relationships
  • Disruption of social, emotional and physical development

HElping Restore families impacted by Opioids (The HERO Project) provides treatment for children and youth (under 18) who have been exposed to or harmed by a parent or caregiver’s substance use disorder.


The program is a family-center, team-based, strengths-based approach that provides trauma-focused and evidenced-based wraparound and counseling to help build healthy families and strong communities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Children and youth (0-18)
  • Currently residing in DeKalb or Fulton counties
  • Have been harmed or affected by a parent or caregiver’s substance use disorder
    • Newborns whose mothers are addicted to opioids.
    • Children of all ages at risk for accidental ingestion or inhalation of toxic substances
    • Children living with or who have lived with an addicted parent, now dealing with uncertainty and fear
    • Children who experienced taking over the role of family caregiver for younger siblings or for their parents with a substance use disorder
    • Children who are removed from their homes and placed in foster or kinship care.
    • Very young children exposed to toxic levels of stress that impact their brain development


Cost: Free with acceptance into the program


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Funding provided by Office for Victims of Crime