Makayla and CHRIS 180: A Powerful Combination

Makayia and Chris 180

Makayla and CHRIS 180: A Powerful Combination

Makayla first learned about CHRIS 180 after facing many challenges in her life including homelessness as a teenager. She was a stellar athlete and was the first in her family to graduate from high school. Still, obstacles threatened to take her off the path to success.

One of Makayla’s basketball coaches took notice of her challenges and advocated for her at a time when she needed help navigating the next steps in her life. That teammate connected Makayla to the right support system that got her involved with CHRIS 180’s community support and youth development programs. That support was vital to Makayla finding stable housing and obtaining employment, all while maintaining a 3.6 GPA. Recently, Makayla reached another life milestone: college graduate from the University of West Georgia.

With joy in her voice and a new sense of possibility, Makayla shared that she now feels she has the resources, confidence and support she needs to change the direction of her life.

“The only sense of belonging I had was from my support system; my basketball coach, someone who became a mother figure in my life and of course the amazing staff here at CHRIS 180. I’d like to recognize Ms. LaShaune Rogers, she’s the one who works behind the scenes for me. She’s been here since day one. She got me a job with CHRIS 180 helping with food delivery on the Westside. It was an unforgettable experience helping people in my community because it’s where I grew up and I understood their hardships. I developed relationships with families and just a passion for giving back. I finally felt a part of something.

CHRIS 180 has given me the utmost support and resources. They’ve easily become the family that I always want to make proud. They’ve constantly encouraged me to chase after whatever it is I desire.”

CHRIS 180’s support allows youth like Makayla to dream about better futures for themselves.

“I am confident that I will thrive at anything I set out to accomplish, especially with the team of dedicated leaders at CHRIS 180 in my corner. They’ve helped me better understand that it doesn’t matter how big or small your dream may be, chase it anyway. I’ve been surrounded by nothing but positivity since day one at CHRIS 180.

This organization has become a safe place for me, I’ll always be a proud member of the CHRIS 180 family and I’ll never forget what doors have been opened for me because of you guys. CHRIS 180 makes me feel welcome each day. I know that CHRIS 180 has me and that I belong. I feel unstoppable, and I know there’s nothing I can’t prevail over.”

We are so proud of all that Makayla has accomplished and honored to have made a positive impact in her life. Makayla’s story is an example of the culture of care we are dedicated to building in the communities we serve because we believe everyone should be able to thrive.


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