Real Impact for Stability and Empowerment – R.I.S.E.

Real Impact for Stability and Empowerment – R.I.S.E.


The Real Impact for Stability and Empowerment (R.I.S.E.) program provides intensive, community-based supports for youth with a high level of behavioral health needs to promote stability and overall wellness.


Using a team approach that combines clinical intervention, behavioral support, and intensive care coordination, the R.I.S.E. team partners with young people and their caregivers to develop an individualized plan to that is customized to each person’s unique needs.


Who might qualify for R.I.S.E.?

Not all youth require the level of support that the R.I.S.E. team provides.  Please review the questions below before starting the application process.  If you answer yes to any of the questions below, it is likely that the youth will qualify.

  • Does the youth have Amerigroup 360 insurance?
  • Has the youth been admitted to a crisis stabilization unit (CSU), or psychiatrist residential treatment facility (PRTF) within the last 6 months?
  • Has the youth been seen in an emergency room for behavioral health crisis during the last 6 months?
  • Is the youth currently receiving counseling services and needs more support?
  • Has the youth disrupted placement in the last 6 months due to severe behavioral or mental health needs?

For more information, email Emily Thompson, Vice President of Community Programs at


Please take the questionnaire below to see if you qualify to complete a referral form.