Season of Change

Season of Change

The cool breeze in the mornings lets us know that autumn is around the corner. I have not always been ready for this newness because I love the summer months and do not want to say goodbye to the warmth of the sun, the flowers, butterflies, lightning bugs, BBQs, late evenings and beach trips. There of course is nothing I can do to prevent the inevitable seasonal change. During the summer I embrace all I can as I know autumn is coming! I tackle projects, make the most of the longer days, spend time outside and check off the summer bucket list so there will be no regrets and I will be ready for what’s next. Then I identify what I enjoy about autumn, so I look forward to it. This helps me fully welcome the new season.

Change is not easy. We are comforted and feel safe when we know what to expect, which is why we call it our comfort zone. Nothing changes in the comfort zone. However, in life, we go through many changes, some of which are unexpected and out of our control.  At other times we must create the change. When things are not going well and we want something different, perhaps better, it is time to take the effort to make an adjustment. Change, newness and moving out of our comfort zone, taking steps in a new direction, setting boundaries, creating routine, speaking up, asking questions, can be difficult and scary. Below are a few tips to help get started:

  • Understanding why a change needs to happen. Ask yourself: What is not working well? What are you unhappy with? What will need to change? Then find steps to take to do things differently.
  • Consider what life will look like if things were different — if you stopped unhealthy habits, created new behaviors, got the promotion at work, set boundaries, tried eating healthy, started exercising, adjusted your sleep routine, took courses, went to therapy. What can you change?
  • Recognize what is holding you back – fear? effort? the unknown? Understand that change may not be easy, but it will be worth it! What will life look like if those changes took place? What do you need to do now to move into the new season?

I have found that as much as I love summer, I also enjoy bonfires, pumpkins, crisp mornings, and the beautiful colors of the changing leaves. There is much good in the next season. I would miss out on it if I refused to accept this change. Be bold, like the leaves.   Decide to make the necessary changes today!

AnnMarie Lehrer, APC, is an Associate Counselor at CHRIS Counseling Center-DeKalb.  To schedule an appointment, please reach out to [email protected].


AnnMarie Lehrer, APC
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