Shelter & Place: An Interactive Drive-In Storytelling Performance

Shelter & Place: An Interactive Drive-In Storytelling Performance

CHRIS 180’s Drop-In Center for youth facing homelessness, The SPOT, and StoryMuse announce a new event—Shelter & Place: an interactive drive-in storytelling performance—which will take place Friday, July 17 in the parking lot of CHRIS 180’s Center of Excellence located at 1030 Fayetteville Road SE, Atlanta, GA 30316 at 8:30 p.m.

Youth & young adults (ages 16-26) who are either currently unhoused or in the process of building their way out of homelessness will be involved in a unique storytelling program the week before this evening.

CHRIS 180, whose mission is to heal children, strengthen families and build community, has been at the forefront of providing high-quality behavioral health services to those of all ages for almost 40 years. Participants in the storytelling program come from CHRIS 180’s Drop-In Center, The SPOT, where young adults who are experiencing homelessness find safety, resources and a place to go and find support during the day. Participants for the program also come from CHRIS 180’s Summit Trail Apartments for youth who have aged out of foster care or who’ve struggled with finding a place to live.

“We are proud to partner with StoryMuse to see the stories of our resilient and remarkable young adults come to life. Our work is focused on helping them heal and grow from the trauma they’ve faced throughout their lives, and by giving them this opportunity to share their journey with the public will be another stepping stone into helping them move forward.” said Kathy Colbenson, LMFT, President & CEO of CHRIS 180.

Founded in 2016 in the wake of the presidential election, StoryMuse is a storytelling practice dedicated to helping people tell their stories across lines of difference. The mission is to provide unique strategies for personal, business, organizational, community and content development—everywhere it is needed.

Show producer and director, Shannon M. Turner, Founder/Creative Director of StoryMuse, says “I find it truly exciting to watch someone learn how to organize and deliver a powerful performance from things that have happened to them. This show gives a unique opportunity to create new understanding about the human stories behind homelessness. It stands to be transformative.”

Originally conceived of months before the pandemic as a traditional seven-week program with a culminating performance–all, of course, inside–Turner creatively pivoted to provide the program under safe social distancing practices. Storytellers will now undergo an intensive one-week program and rehearsal process under donated tents.

The culminating performance, Shelter & Place, will be a drive-in theatre, an opportunity for the public to experience their stories on the big screen (sound transmitted via radio), while storytellers interact with them outside their vehicles.

The show begins at 8:30 p.m. and guests must stay inside their vehicles at all times and should follow signs and instructions by volunteer traffic assistants in order to ensure efficient flow. Restrooms will not be provided.

This project has been generously supported by Alternate ROOTS, as well as by many community members via an Indiegogo campaign. Generously donated in-kind materials from various entities, including The Alliance Props Department, Town of Pine Lake, and an anonymous donor.

To secure your free ticket, click here.

For more information, contact: Shannon M. Turner, Founder/Creative Director, StoryMuse at

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