Westside Empowerment Center

Westside Empowerment Center

As part of CHRIS 180’s mission to heal children, strengthen families and build community, the Westside Empowerment Center (WEC) opened in 2019 to extend access to behavioral health services and trauma-informed care to Westside residents. The center provides individual and family therapy for children and adults, couples counseling, and individualized treatment approaches. The goal of the Westside Empowerment Center is to make counseling and wraparound services more accessible, to equip more families with the tools and resources to cope with challenging and difficult situations.

The Westside Empowerment Center strives to help Westside families heal and thrive through counseling, health coaching and social services. WEC addresses barriers to social determinants of health and healthcare services by providing support to improve our client’s quality of life. WEC primarily serves residents of Westside Atlanta living in zip codes 30310, 30311, 30312, 30314, 30316 and 30318. We can refer clients that are not in our service area to other community-based organizations.


• Therapy and Counseling Services
(Individual, Family & Group)
• Health Coaching
• Fitness Training
• Medical Connections
• Healthcare System Navigation
• Medicaid Application Assistance
• Support Services Referrals
• Transportation Assistance

Monday Curb Markets

Noon-2:00 P.M.

Free food to the community outside of the Westside Empowerment Center office.

contact us

[email protected]

Westside Connect Helpline
(404) 481-5790

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