Our Adoption Services program recruits, prepares and supports families who will adopt children in Georgia’s foster care system in order to ensure stable, finalized adoptions. Because no child should ever age out of foster care, we provide a unique set of services and supports to ensure children truly have a forever family.


An understanding of trauma, training and ongoing support for adoptive families and for children adopted from foster care are essential.  The Trauma Informed Foster Care Adoption Model (TIFCAM), created by CHRIS 180, gives  children  emotional space, support and a process within which to have a “voice and choice” in selecting an adoptive family, just as the family has a “voice and choice” in selecting the child.  A network of counseling, support and coaching support every child and every family. Our guiding principle is no child is unadoptable and all children have the right to be a member of a forever family.


Prospective families are often not equipped to handle the immense needs of this special population. Through our Adoption Services program families, children, and youth acquire the skills and supports necessary to create permanent homes. The program includes an eight-week IMPACT training that educates prospective families about the needs of children adopted through the foster care system, giving them the unique parenting skills needed to successfully adopt. Our Adoption Services program ensures that these children and youth find their forever home with decreased chance for adoption disruption.


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