Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice

Diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice are central to our organization. We acknowledge the harmful effects of inequity, validate the experiences of our colleagues and those we serve, and we understand that trauma is individual, historical, and cultural — impacting people based on the context of their lives. We are committed to ensuring that everyone can heal and build the resiliency they need to thrive and we recognize the diverse talents and perspectives intrinsic to healing and self-actualization. As such, we strive to cultivate inclusive environments that enable each person to flourish.

CHRIS 180 Provides Safe Spaces For All People

We believe in using our platform to advocate for equality and to stand against inequity and issues impacting vulnerable communities

We encourage clients to share how they want to be identified and addressed

We host racial trauma healing circles, support groups and conversations with staff, clients and community members during difficult times in our society

We hold ongoing anti-racism, LGBTQIA+ awareness, cultural competency and diversity, equity and inclusion trainings

CHRIS 180 Helps People Build Skills To Face Life Circumstances

We provide high-quality services for all people, including those of all socio-economic backgrounds

We employ team members from various cultures & backgrounds to meet client needs

We invest in accessible offices and resources for those with disabilities

We offer translation services in more than 250 languages to better communicate

We have a focus on spiritual health and wellness with trained professionals

CHRIS 180 Offers Hope When All Else Fails

We support clients as they find courage and resilience to heal and recover from trauma

We believe in recognizing our clients as experts of their own lives

We share cutting-edge evidence-based approaches to therapeutic & programmatic work

We provide real-world experiences & teach life skills so children & young adults can thrive

We provide employment opportunities that build on community members lived experiences

Our Mission Is To Heal Children, Strengthen Families And Build Community