Keeping Families Together

Keeping Families Together (KFT) is a family driven, strengths based team approach to working with families. It is a “High Fidelity” Wraparound model.


We work to strengthen families and support them with keeping their children at home in the community.


No single entity can respond to the complex needs of youth serious emotional and behavioral challenges. Many youth and families often experienced a fragmented system that is not adaptive to the families’ strengths and needs. We create a single point of accountability to serve youth and families in the community through our KFT program. KFT delivers intensive in-home care coordination and connects families to community resources.


KFT = Success when youth commit to the process.

  • Improve school attendance and grades
  • Have fewer discipline issues in school
  • Are less likely to engage in risky behavior


For more information,  contact:

Emily Thompson, Vice President of Community Programs

404-835-9360 or

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