In-Kind Donations

In-Kind Donations

CHRIS 180 heals children, strengthens families, and builds community, and we couldn’t do any of it without the support of community members like you! One of our top priorities is to lessen the impact of traumatic moments in the lives of those we serve and in-kind donations are a great way to help us do so.

As an individual or a group, with friends, families or coworkers, your in-kind donation ensures that the children and families served by CHRIS 180 are equipped to maximize their success. The lists below are tailored to the needs of those we serve.

THANK YOU for supporting children and families in our community.


Holiday Donations – Join us in spreading holiday cheer and making a lasting impact on the lives we serve. From November 27 to December 15, we will be collecting toys to ensure that every individual experiences the warmth of the holiday season.


Back to School Supplies provide those entering our program with needed supplies to be successful in their academic environment. Often individuals enter our program at a moment’s notice and your support will help ensure that they are prepared to integrate back into their academic environment.


Hygiene kits help provide basic hygienic supplies for the children, young adults, and families we serve. Through your support, we can ensure that clients feel refreshed and renewed in knowing they have the basic necessities to make it through a difficult time.


Home Kits

When young adults and families who have experienced homelessness finally move into their own living space, it can be overwhelming. Home Kits provide basic household items that address everyday needs so they can focus on building resilience and positive futures. Through your contribution, individuals transitioning to independent living have one less obstacle to overcome.


Summer Games & Sporting Goods provide the opportunity to normalize the onset of summer for those we serve. These games and sporting items facilitate an environment of fun and relaxation and provide positive exposure.


For more information or questions, please email [email protected] 

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