New Generation

New Generation

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Program

Every child can live up to their fullest potential!

CHRIS 180’s New Generation program equips parents and caregivers with what they need to build stronger relationships with children so they can feel safe, supported and valued. Many children are not able to live up to their potential because they are labeled as problems when they’re very young. This can happen when caregivers don’t understand what’s going on with kids and don’t know how to respond to challenging behaviors.This can be prevented—if we understand what’s going on with children and respond appropriately.


Our New Generation team provides a team approach to services focused on the family and other caregivers wherever the child is.


The New Generation program:

  • Helps caregivers connect with children and families
  • Works to strengthen parenting skills
  • Equips parents and other caregivers to help children thrive
  • Provides individualized community based support services focused on family strengths
  • Provides classroom support


Who We Serve: Families with children ages 0-12

Service Area: Fulton, DeKalb & Gwinnett Counties

Eligibility: Approved once assessment is complete and qualifications are met

Cost: Free


Infant Early Childhood Mental Health Training

CHRIS 180’s CHRIS Training Institute provides trauma training specifically designed to address the needs of both educators and clinicians statewide. The goal is to raise awareness around what trauma is and what the impact of trauma looks like in young children. Participants will learn about the impact of early childhood trauma on brain development and behavior and what interventions and support works best.

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Funding provided by SAMHSA