Prevention and Stability Initiatives

Drop-In Center in Atlanta

CHRIS 180’s Drop-in Center, also known as The SPOT (Supporting People Overcoming Trouble), is a place where emerging adults, ages 16-26, can spend their time learning the tools necessary to make a successful transition to adulthood in a fun, stigma-free environment. Services are provided in a supportive group environment and include structured activities that assist our young adults in obtaining goals related to education, employment, understanding mental and behavioral health, coping skills, and living skills.

“The SPOT” Drop-In Center is an inclusive space for emerging adults to learn life skills through enrichment activities, social outings, counseling , and individual coaching sessions. Further mental health resiliency is developed by strengthening self-advocacy abilities.

Life Skill and Support services include: employment planning, GED preparation, college readiness, tutoring, drivers education, healthy meals & snacks

Enrichment activities include: expressive art therapy, music therapy, singing and songwriting tutorials, yoga, fitness and movie days.

Linkage to resources include: connection to emergency shelters, educational programs, employers, medical resources

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Contact us directly at

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Community Outreach Resources

Due to the increased cost of living across Metro Atlanta, many families and individuals are experiencing homelessness. Often, these residents have struggled due to several issues, including trouble securing affordable housing and childcare along with finding gainful employment. CHRIS 180 operates a small apartment complex to help  youth ages 18  – 24 and  works with partners in our communities to link those in need of housing with resources to find stability.

Program Resources
Coordinated Entry System: We partner with Partners for Home (Atlanta Continuum of Care), Fulton County and DeKalb County Continuum of Care leads to receive referrals for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. The Coordinated Entry Process allows individuals and families to complete one housing assessment that provides information about their current experience.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness (living in a place not meant for habitation, such as in a car, train, park or an abandoned location) in the following counties please contact the Coordinated Entry System in your current location:

City of Atlanta

DeKalb County – Call 404-687-3500

Fulton County – Call 404-612-0720

For all other counties, contact Georgia’s Balance of State Continuum of Care – Call 844-249-8367

Support for Returning Citizens

CHRIS 180’s Reentry programs works with local jails to assist individuals currently incarcerated with pre-release and post-release counseling and linkage to resources/services in the community. Our goal is to help with stabilization and reduce recidivism.  Reentry services provide opportunities for those involved with the criminal justice system at a young age to achieve a positive change in their lives and communities.

Pre-Release Services: Successful transition into the community starts prior to release.  During incarceration the individual has access to a therapist and/or care coordinator to identify barriers to address in a plan to increase success returning to their community.

Post-Release Services: Staff provide hands-on assistance to individuals with high needs upon returning to the community.  Services may include but are not limited to: transportation support, case management, ongoing counseling, insurance linkage, housing assistance, emergency assistance, employment assistance, education assistance, etc.

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Program Goals

  • Build individual capacity to be a productive member of his/her family and community
  • Link individuals to services necessary for successful transition and reentry into the community
  • Enhance public safety by reducing recidivism among the formerly incarcerated population

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