Reentry Program

Reentry Program

Support for Returning Citizens


CHRIS 180’s Reentry programs works with local jails to assist individuals (ages 17-24) currently incarcerated with pre-release and post-release counseling and linkage to resources/services in the community. Our goal is to help with stabilization and reduce recidivism.  Reentry services provide opportunities for those involved with the criminal justice system at a young age to achieve a positive change in their lives and communities.


Pre-Release Services: Successful transition into the community starts prior to release.  During incarceration the individual has access to a therapist and/or care coordinator to identify barriers to address in a plan to increase success returning to their community.


Post-Release Services: Staff provide hands-on assistance to individuals with high needs upon returning to the community.  Services may include but are not limited to: transportation support, case management, ongoing counseling, insurance linkage, housing assistance, emergency assistance, employment assistance, education assistance, etc.


Goals of Reentry

  • Build individual capacity to be a productive member of his/her family and community
  • Link individuals to services necessary for successful transition and reentry into the community
  • Enhance public safety by reducing recidivism among the formerly incarcerated population


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For more information about Reentry Programs, please contact:

Emily Thompson, Vice President of Community Programs

404-835-9360 or