Outreach and Community Housing Services

Due to the increased cost of living across Metro Atlanta, many families and individuals are experiencing homelessness. Often, these residents have struggled due to several issues, including trouble securing affordable housing and childcare along with finding gainful employment.

CHRIS 180’s Outreach and Community Housing department was created to help build stronger and more resilient communities and families.

Program Resources

COORDINATED ENTRY SYSTEM: We partner with Partners for Home (Atlanta Continuum of Care), Fulton County and DeKalb County Continuum of Care leads to receive referrals for individuals and families who are experiencing homelessness. The Coordinated Entry Process allows individuals and families to complete one housing assessment that provides information about their current experience. CHRIS 180 then identifies the appropriate housing resource.


If you are currently experiencing homelessness (living in a place not meant for habitation, such as in a car, train, park or an abandoned location) in the following counties please contact the Coordinated Entry System in your current location:

  • City of Atlanta- Click here to learn more 
  • DeKalb County- Call 404-687-3500
  • Fulton County – Call 404-612-0720
  • For all other counties, contact Georgia’s Balance of State Continuum of Care
    • Call 844-249-8367