Teen Violence Reduction Program

Teen Violence Reduction Program atlanta

The CHRIS 180 Teen Violence Reduction program (TVR) is a youth-focused initiative for teens ages 12–17. TVR was established to address the biggest gap in violence prevention services and strives to reach youth to divert them from joining a gang, becoming involved in violent crime and/or losing their lives 

to violence.  

TVR promotes resiliency for youth exposed to violence through policy and research to advance promising practices in healthcare, education, law enforcement and in the community to help children and youth heal and thrive to reach their optimal potential. 

We believe in being proactive and investing in prevention strategies that promote healthy and safe communities. We honor the lived experiences of victims and survivors of violence and partner with organizations to change social norms. Working with violence prevention advocates and educators, TVR works to break the cycle of violence by developing programs to prevent violence and promote healthy and safe communities. 


What We Do

CHRIS 180’s Teen Violence Reduction program aims to prevent violence against and amongst youth by linking research to practice, building local infrastructure to support interventions, and enhancing academic and community partnerships.



TVR seeks to build relationships with community-based groups, residents, elected officials, and law enforcement. Our goal is to educate community stakeholders about the program, to identify resources, opportunities for collaboration and to assist community mobilization efforts around the issue of violence prevention. We use community organizing techniques to engage in activities that will help change thinking and norms, so that reacting with violence is no longer an acceptable or expected behavior.



We use case management to aid in solving participants’ current problems, to help facilitate positive change and to introduce alternatives to violence. TVR assists youth with connecting to service providers to achieve individual goals such as employment, education, family reunification, trauma treatment, drug or alcohol use cessation, criminal issues and life skills.


Our Services

• Case Management

• Life Skills Training

• Vocational and Career Readiness Training

• After-School Programming

• Social-Emotional Support

• Linkage to Resources

• Care Coordination

• Individual, Group and Family Therapy

• Education Support and Advocacy

• Behavior Support

• Individual and Group Skill Building

• Violence Reduction Training and Programming

• Healing Circles

• Youth Leadership Development and Training

• Nonviolence Workshops and Awareness Campaigns

• Parenting Skills and Family Relationship Programs

• Community Events and Outreach

• Mentoring Programs

• Youth Advisory Council

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